CNC Machining

For more than 70 years TRONSER CNC has been demonstrating its competence as a manufacturer of highly precise machined parts to customers all over the world. Our experienced employees & engineers are guiding our streamlined production process to ensure that your products from samples to large quantities are delivered to you in the best possible quality.


Next Level Assembly

TRONSER CNC does not only offer highly precise machined parts, but also is equipped and skilled to further assemble your products to complete products [...]



For over 70 years TRONSER stands for highest precision. Founded in 1951 by Alfred Tronser the company quickly advanced to be one of the market leaders in RF technology. In the early 90s Johannes Tronser took over TRONSER und expanded drastically into new machining equipment and gained new customers in new markets. In the 2000s Rainer Kirn joined the company and helped constantly improving and optimizing TRONSER. Today TRONSER CNC with a new logo, new name clearly positioned itself as a highly professional manufacturer of CNC machined parts of the best  quality. Newest technologies, IT-software and hardware, ERP, production planning, CAD and DMS allow us to constantly compete at the highest level. As a family-owned business with a long tradition our CEOs Johannes Tronser and Rainer Kirn are successfully leading the company on an international level and are supported by the third generation in Isabella Tronser and Tillmann Tronser.


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