CNC Machining


For more than 70 years TRONSER CNC has been demonstrating its competence as a manufacturer of highly precise machined parts to customers all over the world. Our experienced employees & engineers are guiding our streamlined production process to ensure that your products from samples to large quantities are delivered to you in the best possible quality.

TRONSER CNC offers turned parts with diameters between 1mm and 65mm and milled parts with measurement between 500mm and 500mm in lot sizes between 50 and 10 Million pieces.

Over 80 machines are running 24/7 and are constantly monitored by our state-of-the-art APS system (advanced planning & scheduling). This allows us to compete at this highest level in terms of quality, fast delivery and attractive pricing.


brass (also non-magnetic) brass aluminium
plastic (TFE, Delrin, Rexolite, PVC, PEEK) bronze Invar
cold roll steel and stainless steel copper Kovar

Defined surfaces:

silver gold nickel copper chrome
anodizing tinn zinc burnish    


Mobile Communications Electronics Pneumatics Hydraulics
Defense, Aero & Space Medical & Dental Mechanical Engineering Jewelry